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North Chicago families all want the same thing.We want what’s best for our children.

John (Mr. JJ) Jones

LEARN 6 Assistant Principal

Mr. JJ works at LEARN 6, one of two public charter schools serving North Chicago families. Due to COVID-19, LEARN 6 is redefining the very meaning of school-home connection. Mr. JJ, along with every other school staff member, connects with a specific group of families, at least twice weekly. During these virtual visits and drop-offs, they provide online continued education, tech resources, food, and emotional resources. In this way, the entire staff collectively ensures that every LEARN family is regularly supported during this isolating time.

This is another step towards enhancing trust between schools and families. It’s one of the many positives that will come out of this challenging time.

Mr. JJ reaches out to families as a community member with deep roots for nearly 25 years. He lived in North Chicago for 17 years and worked in D187 for 16—including six years as Dean of Students at Neal Math & Science Academy. He is also married to an NCCHS alum.

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