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Courtney Murray

Born and raised in North Chicago, the story of this Marquette University grad is one of flexibility and resiliency. After a visit to Cape Town, South Africa, plus internships with Congressman Danny Davis and the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Courtney now works for Allstate Insurance Company.

PLAY: Courtney Murray - You never know what path you'll take
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Kashmir McElrath INSET PHOTOS GTHH.png

Kashmir McElrath

A North Chicago native, Kashmir attended Agnes Scott College in Georgia. Now serving her North Chicago community through social service, Kashmir says “If someone can look up to me and see themselves in me, I like that. I want to see someone else succeed like I did, and know that, being an African-American woman, you can go so far.”

Charles Jones INSET PHOTOS GTHH.png

Charles Jones

A graduate from NCCHS and Lake Forest College, Charles works with North Chicago Community Partners at his former high school. As a poet and performer Charles provides much inspiration for the young people he comes in contact with, but knows that the power of learning is an individual achievement each student must realize for themselves.

PLAY: Charles Jones - Skiddley Doo Skiddley Dee
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