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Keeping North Chicago children learning and growing every day.

Nicole Johnson


Green Bay Early Childhood Center, D187

Nicole is one of many North Chicago leaders juggling daily work with the needs of their own kids. When COVID-19 first closed schools, Nicole hustled out Facebook videos with activities and songs for her preschool families – all from her living room, with her son Jonathan assisting. She was determined to ensure that everyone had tools in hand to keep learning going. And since then, Nicole and her team have posted a full range of e-learning offerings every day, from math games to interactive read-alouds to creative art-at-home ideas.

Work-from-home challenges are very real, for all of us. We’re doing our best for North Chicago children... learning and growing every day!

Nicole and staff have found creative ways to connect teachers, families, and children, such as a drive-by graduation for rising Kindergarteners. It’s the little things that help sustain these connections, like love notes between students and teachers. When the school returns to in-person learning, staff and families will enjoy an updated campus including a new parking lot and restrooms. 

Green Bay Early Childhood Center serves 265 North Chicago children ages 3-5, with a staff of 17 teachers, 17 paraprofessionals, and 3 administrators. In addition to leading Green Bay, Nicole leads District 187’s Birth to 3rd Grade programs.

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