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We’re doing what we can to support the babies and youngest children in Lake County

Twice As Nice Mother & Child

Twice As Nice Mother & Child, founded in 2010, partners with social service agencies to distribute essential items to families with young children, such as baby clothes, diapers, and formula. It serves more than 1,000 Lake County children each month.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created greater need while making distribution harder. Twice As Nice responded in March by organizing their first-ever Twice As Nice drive-through mobile diaper pantry. They handed out 11,350 diapers to 231 families and 318 children in just four hours.

We’re doing our best to serve our neighbors in need. As requests for diapers increase, we’re looking for ways to meet the demand. I believe we can, and will, if we continue to work together.

On 8/3/20, Twice as Nice rebranded to Keeping Families Covered. To date, they have given away over 2 million diapers and are on track to give away 1 million this year alone. According to the organization, 1 in 3 Lake County families goes without the basic supplies they need to live healthy lives. The group has become a vital resource for over 30 community partners that help to increase their reach and impact, and they currently provide help to over 1,600 children and 1,200 families each month—and counting.

“More families are turning to us for help than ever before and we remain committed to meeting their needs,” says Ann Marie Mathis, founder and executive director. “From diapers, wipes and infant formula to maternity wear, children’s clothing/shoes, baby care equipment and now period supplies, we are keeping families covered.”


“I am a father of a newborn son. My wife and I both work, but we do not earn much money and struggle to make ends meet. Once we pay our bills, there isn’t much left for diapers. We have to make our son’s diaper supply last as long as possible and sometimes that means leaving him in a soiled diaper longer. Diapers are really expensive. We have to choose between paying bills, feeding our family, or buying diapers.” —Mobile pantry client


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