The lives of North Chicago residents are in our hands.

City of North Chicago Public Works Department

Before COVID-19 came to the U.S., the City’s Public Works Department was already preparing to keep North Chicago’s water plant operators—and the city’s water supply—safe. They activated their emergency response plan, which includes a carefully orchestrated shift change protocol so spaces are disinfected and no operator comes in contact with another.

The real heroes are the talented water plant staff doing their jobs every day. They’ve put their personal lives on hold to stay healthy and keep our city healthy. Ensuring safe water is not a job we take lightly. – Ed Wilmes, Public Works Director, City of North Chicago

North Chicago’s Public Works Department has 23 employees, all considered essential and working during the shutdown. They ensure the safe operation of the water plant as well as streets and other utilities.

Pictured: Water Plant Operator Michael Clayborne

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