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We’re working in small shifts to creatively care for students, families, and educators.

North Chicago Community Partners

North Chicago Community Partners, founded in 2008, is committed to the children and families of North Chicago. Using a “community school” model, they work to strengthen the school district—providing extended learning and enrichment opportunities, family care supports, parent engagement activities, and much more.

When COVID-19 closed schools and made grocery stores inaccessible, North Chicago Community Partners sprang into action to help address the needs of children and families. In one week, they distributed 263 snack and learn kits, 197 emergency food bags, and 1,644 books. With their characteristic energy and positivity, they are helping families get through this crisis.

Families come for food and leave with much more. Snack and learn activities help busy parents engage their children in fun ways, and help make home time together learning time too.



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